Thursday, June 16, 2011

COURSE SYLLABUS: Community Health Nursing ( NA II)

Community Health Nursing


I. Community Health Nursing
a. Definition of terms
b. Historical background
c. Concept and Principles

II. Philippine Department of Health
a. Roles and Functions
b. Mission and vision of Department of Health
c. Goals of FOURmula one for health
d. Elements of FOURmula one for health

III. Public Health
a. Definition of terms
b. Primary Health care
c. Four cornerstones/ Pillars of Primary Health Care
d. Seven Principles and stragtegies (DOH)
e. Philippine Health Care Delivery system

IV. Nursing Procedure
a. Clinic visit
b. Home visit
• Purpose of home visit
• Principles involved in preparing for a home visit
• Guidelines to consider regarding the frequency of home visit
c. Bag technique


I. Community diagnosis

a. Introduction
b. Target community profile
c. Analysis data
d. Action plan based from Prioritized problem identified
e. Conclusion
f. Reference

II. Typology of Nursing Problem in Family Nursing Practice

a. First level assessment
b. Second level of assessment

III. Community Organizing
a. Preparation Phase
b. Organizing phase
c. Training and education phase
d. Collaboration phase
e. Phase out phase
f. Immunization
g. General Principle in vaccinating children

IV. Diseases
a. Non- communicable diseases
b. Communicable diseases
c. Sexual transmitted disease
d. Chain of infection
e. Level of prevention

I. Environmental sanitation
II. Herbal medicine
III. Laws affecting the public health and practice of community health

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